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Welcome to larryrobison.org - A man who spent 17 years on deathrow before being executed

This web site is dedicated to my brother Larry Robison, and to the families of his victims.

The state of Texas refused to assist my mother in obtaining proper long-term mental health treatment for Larry Robison. Treatment was denied due to Larry not being violent.

Persons with certain types of schizophrenia may become violent after having gone without treatment for long periods of time. This happened to Larry who in the midst of an extreme psychotic episode killed five people. This is the one and only act of violence Larry ever committed both before and after the incident. Larry Robison was sentenced to death and executed on January 21, 2000, despite pleas from around the world to spare his life. Please don't believe that this could not happen in your family. Our family has learned the hard way that it happens more often than you think! ~~ Vickie Robison-Barnett


I embrace you with all of God's love and power to heal you from the pain, hurt and sorrow you have suffered. Mere words will never express the agony that I feel inside for you. I do not know why this tragedy happened and all of our lives have been forever changed. There are times that life offers us no rational explanation for such things. I do not want to intrude in your lives, but I do want you to know that I would like to reach out to you if you are willing. I place my plea to you here in hopes that you will see it and will contact me. I am grieving with you and for you.

~~ deathrowsister
Wishing you peace, comfort and healing...

Dedication to the victims of the 1982 Lake Worth Murders


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Larry Keith Robison

August 12, 1957 - January 21, 2000

Larry developed a strong faith in God while incarcerated which brought him from the depths of despair to an awareness and understanding of the true meaning of life and unconditional love. Larry Robison did not die in vain. Farewell my sweet brother--I love you!

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji
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Larry's Faith

[ Sant Mat ]

'Summer Heat' in Texas Prisons!
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Indigent Prisoner Fan Project

Raymond Wood, a Missouri inmate awaiting a suppression hearing. Raymond Wood's case sounds alarmingly like Larry Robison's case. A long, well documented, psychiatric history. Released from treatment when shouldn't have been. Killed five people during a psychotic episode. Has been charged with 5 counts of capital murder. Read more about the Raymond Wood case

The KC Star printed a brilliant editorial by Bill Tammeus (11/23/03) commenting on Ray's case. see below. Please let the KC Star know your opinion about the piece and/or Ray's case. To submit a comment on Bill's article you can submit your letters via email at "letters" at "kcstar.com" or snail mail them to 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO. 64108. Please pass this on to others and ask them to write to the Star.

Thank you, Jennifer Simmons
[Read Kansas City Star Article by Bill Tammeus]



Raymond Wood

What: Court of Appeals Hearing – State of Missouri v. Raymond Wood

RE: capital murder, severe mental illness, and Constitutional violations by law enforcement and prosecutor

When: Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Time: 9 a.m.

Where: Western Missouri Court of Appeals, Division I, 1300 Oak, Kansas City, Missouri

You will be inspired by these touching writings by
Lynne Marien whose son Jim Marien was murdered.
How To Share Writings by Lynne Marien

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Darlie Routier guestbook

Deathrowsisters' Tribute to Darlie
by ~~deathrowsister

Thanks to Susan Moulton and the Sant Mat Initiates
for making arrangements to have Larry's headstone engraved
and providing a burial space at the Go Jolly cemetery
Larry Keith Robison - On Execution Day-Click Here to read Larry's Last Letter
Larry Keith Robison
on Execution Day

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-
It gives a lovely light!

by Edna St.Vincent Millay
This is a reproduction of Larry's signature that he included on all his letters
I would like to dedicate this poem to
my friend Larry Robison, I will always
remember him as a smiling heart with wings.

Christopher Weiskoenig/Switzerland

Support a FAIR TRIAL for Darlie!

Visit JusticeForDarlie.net
An independent site by supporters who demand a FAIR TRIAL for Darlie Routier.

Included at www.JusticeForDarlie.net:
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Halsey Disciplinary Hearing
Darlie's 911 (Audio Tapes & Transcripts)
Much, Much More Information and upcoming events about the Darlie Routier Case

Darlie Routier is an innocent mother on deathrow that deserves the attention of the nation. While Darlie sits on deathrow, Devon and Damon's killer(s) remain free. This is the ultimate injustice.

Visit fordarlieroutier.org

Support A Fair Trial and the Release of Darlie Routier - An Innocent Woman on Texas Death Row.

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